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[Dec. 11th, 2005|01:26 am]
Fort Myers- the place to be


[feeling |tiredtired]
[the tunes |number one fan]

so i am a moderator for this rockin community, and it is kind of dead as of now.
i just had a feeling that some people may have forgotten that this was a community because the last posting was from september.
i honestly do not know why i am updating here because i don't have much to say and am really sleepy.

is anyone doing anyting fun/exciting for winter break?
break is really short this year, especially canterbury's because we are just that cool. i counted it and it is only 12 days. for some reason i remember winter break being so much longer when i was younger.
i'm not quite sure what is happening here besides the fact that after christmas=tourist season x10.

oh by the way...i know a lot of people that are in this community live in fort myers, but i thought i'd mention this. i work at a restaurant called 'the sandy hook' in pine island, and we are hiring. specifically dishwashers, which are really hard to find cause it's a gross job. my boss told me to advertise it, so here it is.

renée, my co-mod, likes it there too, but she lives too far away to work there.

alright i am hopefully going to go to sleep.
i feel really weird posting a long rambly update about nothing in a community. it seems more of something i would write in my own journal.