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Healthcare jobs in the Lee County area? [Aug. 25th, 2005|01:27 pm]
Fort Myers- the place to be


Hi All-

I was wondering if any of you fellow Ft Myers area residents knew of any healthcare related jobs available in the Lee County Area?

I recently moved back to Ft Myers (Cape Coral specifically) from Orlando, and am in desperate need of a (preferably full-time) job in the healthcare field (administrative, clerical, insurance related, medical records related, etc etc). I have applied to numerous positions so far, such as at the Lee Memorial Healthcare system, as well as other medical offices and establishments in the area. I have my AA already, and and just three classes/three months shy of a Bachelors in Health Service Admin w/ a minor in Health Info. Management.

I figured it couldn't hurt to ask you all, as some of you may work in the healthcare field already or may know someone who does, and therefore may know of some job openings that I might now know of myself.
I am getting so bored/broke without a job that I may need to resort to some part-time work while I search for a better job related to my degree...

thanks in advance for your help!
you can reply here, AIM sky731, or email sky731@aol.com

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*also, I just found and joined this community... so hi to everyone here!